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Who should not have a chemical peel?

Depending on the type of peel, your practitioner may not recommend treatment if you:

* have a history of problems with keloid or other types of scarring of your skin;
* have abnormal skin pigment/colour;
* have facial warts or any current facial infection;
* have used the anti-acne treatment isotretinoin within the last 12 months;
* have darkly pigmented skin, or red hair with freckled skin.
In such cases, you would generally be unsuitable for the deeper peels owing to the potential for skin bleaching.
Afro-Caribbean or Asian skin is often not suited to facial peels because of the risk of bleaching the skin. This is particularly the case with the deeper peels where the top layers of skin are removed.
It is vital if you have skin of a darker colour that you find a practitioner who is experienced in using facial peels and discuss with them all these issues before you embark on any treatment. It may be that your skin is simply not suited to anything deeper than mild exfoliation.

In addition, patients will also require an assessment of their heart, kidney and liver functions before undertaking a phenol peel.
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